Industrial Air Filtration Specialists

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In Ailan Ingenieria del Aire we are specialists in industrial air conduction and filtration systems (dust, smoke and/or gases), carrying out a preliminary study of needs in order to provide the best solution for your company.


Regarding the maintenance, we analyse the equipment located in your facilities (regardless of the brand) and we offer the spare that best suits your needs.


We work in various industries, from the metal sector (metallurgy, automotive …) to the food sector.

The Team

Ailan Ingenieria del Aire is formed by a team of professionals that includes technicians, salesmen and assemblers with extensive experience in the industrial field, always ensuring that the needs of our clients are met.

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Years in the industry

Turn-key installations

Estudios de filtracion industrial llave en mano

We design, manufacture and assemble facilities tailored to meet your specific needs with the greatest guarantees. In order to achieve this, we provide:

  • A team of highly-qualified professionals.
  • Developed plans to explain in detail the adopted solution.
  • Custom manufacturing.

Air studies and reports

fabrica con tubos de filtracion industrial

We describe the current situation of your plant as a starting point to analyse the strengths and areas of improvement.

From our experience in air filtration and conduction solutions in various sectors, we can offer ways of improvement with high added value.

We evaluate the current security level of your facilities and the degree of adjustment to the ATEX regulations.

Maintenance of industrial Filtration facilities

Imagen mantenimiento de filtros industriales

Measurement of basic parameters (emission, noise, temperature, vibrations). Security studies and foreseeable future situations.

Regular monitoring and preparation of detailed situation reports. Forecasting of future maintenance.

24h assistance. Stock of basic elements to restore production. Multidisciplinary action team (technical, mechanical and electrical).

Air filters and spare parts

Our vast experience allows us to advise you on the most suitable parts for your equipment, based on their quality/price ratio.

We work with the main manufacturers in the market and we regularly inform you of the best prices available.

Mangas de filtros industriales

Sleeves and filter cloths

Cartuchos filtrantes industriales para repuesto

Cartridges and filter frames

Rotativas Alveolares

Ducts (pipes, rotary valves, etc.)

Neumatica de filtracion industrial

Electronics (controllers, manometers, etc.)

Neumatica de filtracion industrial

Pneumatics (blow valves, etc.)

Contact Information

Pol. Torrelarragoiti P8A N14
48170 Zamudio (Vizcaya)

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Ask us any questions about air and smoke management for your company. We are experts in the installation and maintenance of industrial air filters.


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