Industrial air filtration solutions

Fumes filtration

Capture through grids in environment.

Air purification with high efficiency filter and return to the warehouse with winter/summer option (for heat conservation or ambient renewal).

Push-pull techniques to direct the air.

Brazos aspiracion industrial

Self-supporting arms for localized uptake.

Campana de filtracion industrial

Suction in hood or top closure.

fabrica con tubos de filtracion industrial

Ambient filtration.

Mists Filtration

Filtration on machine

instalacion de filtraje industrial

Stand-alone equipment with filter and fan to be placed on the machine fairing to facilitate the discharge of oil or drill into the machine´s tank.

Centralized equipment

Nieblas de aceite

Aspiration by sealed ducts that lead the captured mists to a centralized equipment where the captured liquid is discharged to a container.

Dust Filtration

The key is to catch the dust near the source

Drop points on tapes

Bag dump stations



Individual equipment

fabrica con tubos de filtracion industrial

Specialized equipment for a specific application (silo loading, above conveyor belts, cabins, etc,)

Centralized equipment

fabrica con tubos de filtracion industrial

Transport of the aspirated material to a centralized equipment located inside or outside the building.

Adsorption of industrial gases

fabrica con tubos de filtracion industrial

Active carbon filter

Adsorption of gases with high rate of uptaken in activated carbon.


Scrubbers and washing towers

Systems for capturing harmful and difficult to treat gases.

scrubber por agua

High vacuum cleaning

instalacion de filtraje industrial


It is highly important to calculate the diameters and speeds of the suction pipes in order to service all the desired cleaning points with the same capacity.

The materials used in the installation depend on how abrasive the transported dust is.

High vacuum filter

The filters must be prepared for the high concentration of dust, filtering with the appropriate flow/area ratio.


The blower ensures a high drag speed in all the intended suction fittings.

Lobular / Lateral Channel / Centrifuge


instalaciones de filtracion industrial

Certified installations.

We study the situation of your installation and we design the systems of capture, cleaning and security that allow a safe development of production.

Qualified technicians.

Our technicians and assemblers are specifically trained and certified to work in explosive atmospheres. We have extensive experience and are qualified with INERIS certification. Certificación INERIS.

Adaptation of the equipment

Revision of existing equipment and materials, proposing measures to adapt them to the current ATEX regulations.


cabina de pulido industrial

Design of work area

  • Tunnel of suction
  • Push-pull systems
  • Nearby localized suction strainers
  • Strainers for ambient air renewal

Filtration system

  • Modular equipment
  • Front with filtering grills
  • Centralized system


Draga en captación por via humeda

Transport and collection equipment.

  • Dredgers
  • Special drums and containers
  • Transporters for machinery


  • Biomass boilers and silos
  • Support structures and chimneys
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Process filtration (liquids)
  • Indoor air quality
  • Air conditioning